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Siberian Kittens

July 2015

Just a note to let you know that Sherlock is doing well here in Ponte Vedra Beach. He is a pure delight and immensely entertaining to all. My wife has had no allergic reaction whatsoever and is smitten with Sherlock. Our grandaughter could not be happier and Sherlock has taken to her more than anyone else which is exactly what we had hoped.   All is well here and we are amazed at how much pleasure we have received from this wonderful new addition to our family named Sherlock.

John – Ponte Verda, FL


December 2012

We got our brown mackerel tabby Siberian, Sammy, a year ago  today.   From the day we picked him up, he has been unbelievably loveable and playful.   When Sammy arrived he hardly skipped a beat.  He moved right in, quickly learnt his surroundings, made friends with the dog and totally stole our hearts!   When guests come over he is right in there enjoying the company! Thank you for our beautiful new family member.

Samantha – Pittsburg, FL


June 2012

I had a cat all my life and had to give her up to my sister when we discovered all my son’s health problems were related to the cat.  I felt very negative when we ordered the allergen kit to test my son but I had to try because I so love living with a cat.  To my great astonishment, my son did not react at all.

We have had Bella now for about six months and all is well in our family.    This past week Bella has even slept on my son’s pillow.  They spend all day together.   As my son is an only child, this cat has become the world to him.

Thank you so much for all your patience and encouragement,

Julie, David, Tommy and Bella
Williamsport, FL

January 2011

My husband is now a cat lover!!!!!!   Felix has managed to turn the person with the most prejudice against cats I have ever met into a total cat lover.  It is terrible difficult to resist Felix loving, playful ways and he has totally turned my husband around.  In fact, this morning he was talking about getting a present for Felix for his first birthday – another cat!!!

Thank you so much for raising such loving, trusting kittens.

P.S.  Allergies are not even the smallest issue – even from day one!!!!

Philadelphia, FL


March 2011

Just wanted to let you know how well our kitten has adjusted to his new home. The kids have named him Sky.  (Sky for his beautiful blue eyes).  He is sooooo happy and cuddling with everyone. He really is purrrfect! Thank you so much!

All the best,

Sharon and David and Kids Mark, Michael and Marie – and of course, Sky
Hazleton, FL


March 2009

Misty is doing great.  She’s a great cat.  We are so happy that she gets along well with our two dogs and the kids adore her.

Talk to you soon

P.S. Our son who suffers from cat allergies, has been allergy free around Miisty! Whew... I would have hated to have to put our son up for adoption! ;)

Scranton, FL

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